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  Reviews and Comments On The Barbeque Hut



See Our Feature On ABC Channel 11 WTVD:
Fayetteville Soldier On Deployment Craves BBQ Hut Barbeque 













Jarred Bryan Sparks Foundation

Thanks to BBQ huts and Al for their continual help and all they do for us!!

                                        ------Amy Sparks
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Military Appreciation!
I have worked with the Barbeque Hut for more than three years now; each event they have catered for my organization has far exceeded  the standard for excellence. Always punctual, courteous, polite and professional!
This is a top shelf organization that is second to none and first on my list for catering. In my 25 years of military service, I have never come across another food service provider with a better product.
The Barbeque Hut is always my first consideration for my catering needs (personal & Professional) and they should be yours too.

                                  ----------------CW4 Tommy J. Austin   

Thank you, Bar-B-Que Hut!

I grew up on this kind of bar-b-que and I consider it Bar-B-Que Hut excellent. After 18 years in NC and 42 years in Texas, I prefer NC bar-b-que any time. The first time I had barbeque in Texas I nearly died. The tomato base sauce destroys the true flavor of the meat. North Carolinians know how to cook real barbeque pork. You'll be glad you stopped at this place to try their service. Thanks
                                  -----------------Yahoo Local User

Food was excellent.

“They make the best barbecue in Fayetteville or the state in my opinion. This should be a chain instead of some of the others. Barbecue is so tender it melts in your mouth.”
                              ----------Kimberly, Parkton, NC

.......pork barbecue prepared professionally - but not haute porcine cuisine . . . no spectacular sides, no signature dishes but no negative left-field blind-side taste-tackles either and the cleanest public bathrooms this side of Howard Hughes' old private john . . . for a quick, satisfying, inexpensive and very decent barbecue lunch, it's hard to beat . .
                           ------------- H. Kent Craig

Hands down best pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw, hushpuppies, and sweet tea on God's green earth. Enough said. Now ya'll go ahead and get something to eat. I been hitting this place since I was still in a car seat. They way they steam the sandwich and press it down makes it for compact eating. Get two or three, don't worry, just make sure you get a big enough sweet tea to wash it down.

                           -------------Adam H. Camarillo, CA

THE" place to get a proper Carolina-style pork bbq sammich. For cheap. I don't see how I made it outta my 3yr tour at Bragg without gaining any weight from all the pork bbq sammiches I ate at the BBQ Hut. Musta been all the running during PT...
                           --------------Rainier D.  Mountain View, CA

This, in all honesty, is the only thing I miss about Fayetteville.
                            --------------Spike N.  Minneapolis, MN


I LOVE IT!!! I work on Bragg and if only they had a restaurant in Spring Lake so I could go by there during my lunch break.
                            ---------------Michelle from  Spring Lake, NC

Q here is very good, eastern-style. T also very good, as is the slaw. But the chicken here is a great surprise. I come for the Q, but stay for the fried chicken.
                               ------------------Buckworthy from Fayetteville, NC

Bar B Que Hut has the best sweet tea in town. But besides that, they have the fastest service also. But it doesn't taste like fast food. More like good old southern cooking. Also try the Owen Drive location.
                                 -----------------Robin H. from Fayetteville, NC

Go to Bar - B - Que Hut for a restaurant that dishes up American cooking like NC style barbecue. Expect the average entrée to cost under $8.
                                      ---------KM Fayetteville, NC

Great BBQ sanwidh and I usually don't like cole slaw, but theirs is very good.
                                     -----------CM, Fayetteville, NC

This is good stuff, bbq, baked beans, slaw, potato salad.  Just writing this is making me hungry for some right now!
                                   ------------REV, Fayetteville, NC

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